Sixth Annual Recycled Rain Project

Ford Gallery is proud to host the Recycled Rain Project’s 2017 Exhibition.

Opening Reception
June 3rd
6 PM – 9 PM

The Recycled Rain Project is a Pacific NW based invitational art show creating original works using rainwater to raise awareness of water issues. Since its founding in 2011, The Recycled Rain Project has been dedicated to its mission to increase awareness of local artists and to engage and educate the community on water issues.

A portion of the sale of all works from RR2017 will be donated to WaterWatch of Oregon. For 30 years, WaterWatch has protected and restored water to Oregon’s rivers, streams and lakes for fish, wildlife and people. Their goal is to ensure a legacy of healthy rivers in Oregon.

Join us for food, drink & art works from a bevy of talented local artists, all created using recycled rain water!

Enjoy the RAINDROPS GALLERY painted by kids at Sellwood Community Center, and make your own raindrop at our Recycled Rain Painting Station!

2017 Featured Artists

Roberta Aylward
Shawn Demarest
Nate Ethington
Candace Primack
Barbara Rawls

PLUS new works by our veteran Recycled Rain Artists!

Theresa Andreas-O’Leary, Betsy Bustamonte, Jane Levy Campbell, Bradley Clark, Kindra Crick, Nicole Curcio, Jason Edward Davis, Jenn Feeney, Kristen Hamilton, Kristy Heltne, Kia Metzler Holden, Karl Kaiser, Jody Katopothis, Thérèse Murdza, Jesse Narens, Dan Ness, Spike Palmer, Hilary Pfeifer, Di Pinsonault, Amy Ponteri, Sara Sjol, David Slader, Fred Swan, Quin Sweetman, Consu Tolosa, Nanette Wallace, Karen WippichJon Wippich

We are also pleased to welcome back student artists from Beaverton Arts and Communications Academy‘s National Arts Honor Society.

On view at Ford Gallery
June 3rd – July 8th


Jesse Narens: The Ghost Of Things That Have Been Sitting For A Long Time

Join us for a solo exhibition of new large-scale works & altars by artist Jesse Narens.

Opening Reception

April 29th
6-10 PM

Jesse Narens is a self-taught, intuitive artist living in the Pacific Northwest.

“My art lives in a state of constant transition, growing and decomposing, reflecting my thoughts on life and nature. I hope that my art will act as a reminder of the magical and important place that nature is, and that it is a real place we should all take time to reconnect with.”

On View: 
April 29th – May 27th

Collecting Sticks For A Nest
36"x36"x3" pencil, acrylic & oil pastel on wood

Sleepy Crow Napping In The Dirt Says Goodnight
48"x72" pencil & acrylic on wood

Lunar Eclipse - Glow In The Moonlight
24"x24" pencil, acrylic, oil pastel, paper on wood

Dead Things Bloom In The Woods
48" x 72" pencil, acrylic, oil pastel on wood

The Ghost Of Things That Have Been Sitting For A Long Time
48"x72" pencil & acrylic on wood

48"x72" pencil & acrylic on wood

Walking On Wolves Heads, Free From My Roots, Collecting Sticks In My Lap
24" x 48" acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, paper on wood